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“We’re Collecting Friends Like Stamps”

Loneliness It’s no secret that loneliness is an epidemic. What we haven’t all realized, however, is that social networks (yes, the name is ironic!) have fueled a lot of the spreading of this sometimes deadly disease.

A video posted on UpWorthy has gone viral, illustrating how social networks create a false sense of connection and therefore sacrifice real conversation. We are “collecting friends like stamps,” says the author, Shimi Cohen.

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Advertising’s New Frontier

Today’s adults over 65 are not like past generations: with an increasing trend of living longer, the second half of life can prove to be just as exciting as the first. Large retailers are showing their understanding of this by creating advertisements targeted at these generations that are more more edgy, flirty, and even controversial.

Our favorite example of this type of non-traditional advertising is a Centrum Silver Commercial (vitamins for people over 50) that includes some steamy scenes in a place you normally wouldn’t expect it. We hope it puts a smile on your face the way it did ours.

Make sure you watch to the end — let us know what you think!



No more doorknobs

Round doorknob

Photo credit: Elizabeth Runder

The city of Vancouver is banning round doorknobs.

Old-style bathroom taps are also in their firing line. Why?

These devices are being upgraded to “handle-style” designs to be easier for people with weakened or arthritic hands.

It’s part of a larger age-in-place trend in called universal design.

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Best tablets for seniors


What tablet do you recommend I buy for my mother?”

That question, or a variation of it, is probably the one we get asked here at Tapestry more than any other. And while tastes and needs vary widely from person to person, we feel we’re probably as well placed as anyone on the planet to be able to provide an informed answer.

That’s simply because we’ve been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of older users on a massive variety of tablets in dozens of real world situations … which gives us a great perspective on what these tablets are actually like to use. This means we’re very different from technology reviewers writing about products based on tech specs alone. As with any other technology device, there is often a huge difference between how a tablet gets rated in a review versus what it’s like to use long-term in the real world.

The fact that Tapestry now runs on any platform also means we’re able to provide a totally impartial perspective on which tablets are best, and why.

So after many requests, here it is: our guide to helping you choose a tablet for an older adult (or anyone else, for that matter)…

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Tapestry in the News!

Over the last week Tapestry has received a lot of positive attention from the Australian and US press, due in part to a successful iOS launch and other stories from our users. It’s been very exciting for us to see our vision resonating with so many people around the world. Here are a few of the articles that have come out this past week…

SMHSydney Morning Herald
Apps for preserving tapestry of a lifetime
A great article about one of our favorite groups of users, the Dominican Sisters in Eastern Australia. To read more about their experiences with Tapestry and the benefits of Tapestry for those who are socially isolated, click here.

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Loneliness is as deadly as smoking

Smoking man

Photo credit: Tup Wanders

Want to live a long life?

We all know that clean living and a healthy level of activity can help you live longer, but it turns out staying connected socially has a much larger impact than we previously thought.

A recent study shows that the influence of social relationships on the risk of death are comparable with well-established risk factors such as smoking or alcohol consumption and were actually worse than physical inactivity and obesity.

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The Holiday Season Kicks off Early With Hanukkah!

The holidays are starting extra early this year with Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights. Normally, Hanukkah falls Turkey Menorahin December, but because of the 2013 lunar calendar, the 8 nights begin at sun down on Thursday, November 28th.

In the United States, many are celebrating “Thanksgivingukkah” because both major holidays, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, fall on the same day. This only happens about every 70 years so there is a lot to celebrate!

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Tapestry joins Aging2.0 GENerator program

Aging2.0 GENerator

We’re happy to announce that Tapestry has been selected to join the Aging2.0 GENerator founders program.

The project is the first of its kind and aims to help technology founders focussed on the 50+ demographic to accelerate innovation in aging.

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Grandparents gone wired

The use of social media is surging at an incredible rate, but did you know the fastest-growing segment of all is people over 65 years old?

According to a recent Pew Research Center report, the number of socially-savvy seniors has tripled since 2009. 43% of Americans aged 65 or older use at least one social media service.

So what exactly are they doing online? This cute video lets seniors explain how they use the internet in their own words.

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Dementia rates on the decline

Couple drinking wine

Photo credit: Katina Rogers

Two recent studies have shown that dementia rates are in decline in Europe.

In a recent article in The Conversation, Dr Perminder Sachdev says that while good news stories relating to dementia are rare, there are two new promising studies that indicate dementia rates may be falling.

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